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FLEET Features


Quick account setup: Verify your email and create your password for your FLEET account.

Sync across devices: With one FLEET account you’ll be able to log in on any Android or iOS device.

Scan VIN Barcodes: Use any iPhone, iPad, or Android device to capture the VIN from any automotive barcode.

Real World Scanning: Scan auto VIN barcodes in low light, high glare, and all lighting conditions.

Manual Entry: Use the keyboard to add a VIN manually, for when a barcode is not present.

VIN Decoding: Basic VIN decoding including VIN, Year, Make, Model, and Trim.


Custom Fields: Add up to 12 fields to collect the data you need.

Dropdown values: We can add any number of dropdown values to your custom fields.

Notes: Add as many notes as you need to gather data not captured in your custom fields.

Photos: Take or attach photos.

Timestamps: See list of past scan dates and times including every date and time a particular auto was scanned.

Location: See approximate GPS location for every scan.

History: Keep a history of all vehicles you have scanned or entered.


Organize: Search, sort, and filter vehicles from the My Scans page.

Share: Export one or more vehicles to the best format for your needs:

.TXT to export FLEET data in-line for text messages or emails

.CSV to create a file that is compatible with Excel, Numbers, and Google Sheets

Print: Print your FLEET data onto your business forms like work orders, invoices, and more. This features requires design and setup from Pixo and is an additional one time cost.

Purchase Vehicle Reports: Use the EpicVIN button at the bottom of vehicle details to purchase additional reports, such as auction pricing, title history and more.