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Frequently Asked Questions about Capture

Frequently Asked Questions about Capture

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What’s the difference between Fleet and Capture?

Capture is for developers building custom applications. It is a proprietary technology developed by PixoVIN that enables an Android or iOS mobile device to scan and retrieve a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from a code-39, code-128 or data matrix VIN barcode. It is a packaged repository of code that we license through a Software Development Kit (SDK). Capture can be licensed and used in a custom mobile application and is intended for use by developers or managers of mobile apps.

FLEET is for automotive professionals to manage their vehicle workflow. It is an off-the-shelf mobile app that uses the Capture technology. Fleet has been designed for automotive professionals, but can be used by anyone to scan and manage vehicles.

How much does Capture licensing cost?

Please contact us for details on pricing and licensing through email at info@pixovin.com or phone at (217) 288-2111.

Is there a free trial for Capture?

We offer a free 30-day trial of the Capture technology for developers. This trial is for testing the integration of the code into your mobile app. If you are looking for a trial of the code, please fill out this form.

If you are interested in seeing the scanning technology in action or are looking for an off-the-shelf mobile app, please download Fleet from your app store by searching for Fleet VIN.

What’s a Bundle/Package ID?

For instructions on finding your Bundle/Package IDs, refer to the PixoVIN SDK documentation on GitHub. Something like “com.YOURCOMPANY.YOURPRODUCT” would work. Please note that the IDs are case sensitive.

Can I use Capture in my web app?

The scanning technology in the Capture SDK requires use of an iPhone or Android phone’s native autofocus camera.

Many of our clients integrate the Capture  SDK into basic VIN scanning mobile apps that feed into their web apps, by passing the scanned VIN to a web app that is in a webview inside the application (a “wrapped” web app). The native app is then downloaded by users in their app store.

If you do not have mobile application developers, PixoVIN can also provide custom application development to build your apps for you through our consulting services.

Who are Pixo and PixoVIN, Inc.?

Pixo is a passionate group of developers, designers, and UX professionals. You can learn more about us and our services at pixotech.com. PixoVIN, Inc. is responsible for the suite of VIN products originally developed by Pixo.